Dreams (of being a rock star… again)


Brandi Carlile played in San Francisco last night, but I didn’t go see her because I had my own gig to play at.  (On the other hand, I did see her in St. Paul over Thanksgiving.)  Instead, tonight my second Blue Bear band, Sleigher*, covered Brandi’s song “Dreams” which once again Dave recorded for me.  I have a cold and was a little worried about the high note in the second and third choruses, but I think I hit it.  I did, however, go all out doing so and cracked at the very end.  As a result, I think Oh Darling! was better (and the audio of the recording was certainly better… don’t get me started on my messed up monitor), but this one isn’t bad.  The video is better — it being my fancy camera and all.  Plus, I got to cover Brandi Carlile this time and she’s kind of my hero.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go drink a bunch of tea and honey.

* Get it?  Sleigh?  ‘Cause we’re a Christmas rock band… or something.  We did cover “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree,” but that came directly after “Dreams” to close the set and my voice sounds pretty ragged on it, and not in a good rock and roll way.  So no Christmas tune for you, even though we did look kind of fun in our Santa and elf hats.


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