Total Eclipse of the Moon

Total Lunar Eclipse seen from San Francisco

Total Lunar Eclipse seen from the beach just off the Great Highway in San Francisco

One of the advantages of being sick is that I went to bed early on Friday night.  As a result, I had no problems getting up at 5:30 and driving out to the beach to see the total lunar eclipse on Saturday morning.  It was a pretty awesome sight as the moon was an eerie blood red.

I attempted to photograph it, but even my good camera isn’t that good.  I was also doing long exposures without the tripod, so most of my photos turned out blurry… and by the time I really figured out what I was doing, the sun had started to rise behind me.  But for those of you in the middle or eastern part of the country that couldn’t see it, here’s the one shot I managed to get that isn’t so bad.  I bet that ship under the moon had an awesome view.


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