Oh Darling! (or, I pretend to be a rockstar for an evening)


Since July, I’ve been going once a week to rehearse in a Blues band workshop through Blue Bear Music School in San Francisco.  As I’ve discovered, Blue Bear is one of these very San Franciscan things.  For the workshops, if you can show basic proficiency in an instrument, you sign up and they put you in a band with two guitars, a bass, a drummer, a keyboardist, and two vocalists. (If you’re me, you manage to play both vocals and keyboard.)  At the end of the session, the have a “showcase” of all the workshop bands at a local club.  Our band was called Blues Frog, named as an homage to Sad Kermit, who you should all go check out on YouTube.  As you may have figured out by now, our showcase was tonight at Cafe Du Nord.  There were even a few people in the audience we didn’t invite.  (Not that many… Monday’s a tough night to fill a club.)  Dave, who I did invite, was kind enough to record a song for me on my crappy camera… please enjoy as we attempt not to embarrass ourselves by covering the greatest band of all time.  I’m speaking of the Beatles, of course, and the song is Oh Darling!

Amal managed to give me the best compliment of the night: Value for dollar, we were better than Madonna.  (And there was a cover, so it’s not like it was nothing.)

Also, holy crap, that’s what I sound like?  I don’t sound like that in my head.


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