Merry Christmas


About a week ago, Big League Stew posted a video a Cincinnati Reds fan had made of his Chris Sabo bobblehead doll rotating on a platform to Mannheim Steamroller. My first thought? That’s pretty lame and I can do way better — the bobblehead isn’t even bobbling its head! Plus, I bet I can do more than one doll at a time.

I mentioned this to Dave, and while he’s not a big baseball fan, throw in the opportunity for some engineering design and he gets into it. After taking some measurements and doing a little white board diagramming, we took a trip to Home Depot to buy equipment to build the bobble platform with a fixed mount for the camera. The hats are actually modified socks from the Target dollar bin, the “snow” is cotton balls, and the song is mine.

It’s way better than the Cincinnati Reds video… it even features a cameo by a wind-up Jim Thome.


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  1. yeah for Dan Gladden! He was really gettin’ into the spirit! Undeniably, the best MN Twins player…..EVER! (I do wish, however, that I could remember what position he played. 😉

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