Red Sox 5, Angels 1


“Love that dirty water…” and since the boil water order was lifted this morning, this must mean that I was finally at a game where the Sox won.
The co-worker I took to the Red Sox-Yankees game a few weeks ago repaid me in kind by offering me his remaining ticket to this evening’s Red Sox-Angels match up. After sitting in Chris Morse’s seats so many times, being relegated to the bleachers felt a bit like slumming it… of course, it was also nice to look straight ahead to see the action instead of constantly angling myself to the left.
While the Sox pulled out what was initially a close game with a four-run 8th inning highlighted by a bases clearing double for Jeremy Hermida, David Ortiz continues to struggle. In four at bats he managed to be responsible for six outs — two K’s and two double plays. His final double play game in the 8th with the bases loaded on a 4-2-3 that stopped a run (and set up Hermida’s double). I’ve been wearing my Big Papi #34 hat all season (because my other Red Sox hat has gone missing) — maybe it’s bad luck for him. Next game I go to in Fenway I’ll wear my Twins hat instead.
And speaking of former Twins players, the bleacher bums seemed to enjoy ragging on Torii Hunter in centerfield for the Angels. Of course, I stopped a number of them cold when I shouted over them “It’s okay, Torii, you’re actually my favorite center fielder in all of baseball.” I’m not sure they could tell that I wasn’t being sarcastic!
Finally, legendary Tigers broadcaster Ernie Harwell died tonight. I found out from the guy in front of me who was listening to the radio during the game, this prompted the following conversation between him and his friend:

Radio Listening Guy: Hey, Ernie Harwell died.
RLG’s friend: Oh, uh, that’s… sad.
RLG: Tell me you know who Ernie Harwell was.
RLGF: Um, sure, I remember when he pitched for the Sox…
*RLG shakes head*
RLGF: When he pitched for the… ?
*RLG continues shaking his head*
RLGF: Well, he had a great swing for the…
RLG: You have no idea who he is, do you?
RLGF: No, I don’t. But it’s too bad he died.

I think it’s about time I get around to reading Harwell’s biography that’s been sitting on my shelf for years.


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  1. Harwell is one of the last links to another age of baseball. Play the “six degrees of separation” game with Harwell and you probably get to every player who ever played in a major leage game in two steps; no more than three.

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