Aquapocalypse: Boston and Beyond


As I’m sure you’re aware if you’re living in the Boston area, though perhaps not if you live elsewhere, a water main break in Weston, MA has disrupted the flow of drinkable water to Boston and surrounding areas (but not Cambridge). While many are complaining about the inconvenience of having to boil water before drinking it (or brushing teeth or cooking or…), Lance has a better idea. Quoting:

Restore the balance of drinkable water to the world. For every day my city has to go without drinkable water, I hereby pledge $1 to a charity that helps bring drinkable water to the actual Third World — minimum of $10, in case Deval Patrick’s “Days Not Weeks” comment is accuracy and not just wishful thinking/crowd control. (I might bump that up to a minimum of $20; I’m unemployed, but even so.) According to The Water Project, “every $10 donated provides 1 person with clean water for 10 years”, and that seems like a fair tradeoff, doesn’t it? I’m still researching likely charities; Water For People also looks likely.
Join me. Make our “tragedy”, by which I mean “minor inconvenience for a week”, into someone else’s life-saving opportunity. Boost the signal. Pass it on.

I’m in.


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  1. Boil water order was just lifted. So it is drinkable again (after faucets/taps are flushed) – though that is definitely a worthy cause/idea for donations.

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