Twins 4, Yankees 8


I’ve spent the evening on a bus to New York — one that only left 45 minutes late — in anticipation of tomorrow afternoon’s game at Yankee Stadium, for which I have tickets. I left the laptop at home, but I’ve still managed to keep connected thanks to other electronic gadgets – I can even blog via my phone. What a world.
To keep myself entertained, I first attempted to find tonight’s game on the radio. Unfortunately, while my Zune has radio, it only has FM. All I could find was the Spanish language broadcast of the Mets. This wouldn’t do for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that I don’t speak any Spanish!
Thus, I was forced to follow the game using ESPN’s live game coverage on my phone. Baseball’s pace actually lends itself quite well to that kind of coverage. I don’t know that I would have felt as informed doing this for, say, an entire football or basketball game. On the other hand, despite an early lead, the Twins still lost. Here’s hoping it’s because they’re saving their best stuff for when I’m in the stadium tomorrow.
For now, it appears this bus has made it to New York. I’m off to crash a birthday party in Brooklyn!


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