Red Sox 4, Angels 3


Sarah’s comment about the fact that I haven’t posted in awhile spurred me to sneak this in nearly two weeks after the fact. On September 17, Chris Morse finally managed to invite me to a game that did not occur on the same day as a downpour. (In his defense, he sold me tickets to two other games which had nice weather and took me to Paul McCartney, for which he will forever be my hero.)
In the bottom of the 7th, Varitek came up to bat with the game tied at three at it looked like this:


Varitek did nothing memorable in this at bat (scorebook is at home). However, earlier in the game, he did allow a third strike to go between his legs and thus, instead of the third out to end the inning, the Angels scored Kendrick from third on the passed ball. (Fun fact for the internet, Yahoo! Sports forgets to log this run.) This run turned out to be key as the Angels only won by one. Thus, thanks to this play, and because it’s the only photo I took that was any good, Varitek gets to be the highlighted player of the game… the game which happened two weeks ago and no one cares about any more.


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