State Fair 2009


StateFair2009.JPGAh, the end of summer… time for the annual “Erin eats her way across the Minnesota State Fair post.” And so, without further ado, the foods I ate on Friday were:

  • A sarsaparilla custard float… think root beer float, but with sarsaparilla and frozen custard
  • State Fair French Fries… an annual tradition and favorite of my mother’s
  • Hotdish on a Stick (see photo)… this might be the most quintessential State Fair Food I have ever eaten. Take a stick and make a kebab of meatball, tater tot, meatball, tater tot, etc. Cover it in corn dog batter and deep fry it. Serve with cream of mushroom sauce. It was delicious.
  • All-I-Could-Drink-Milk… only three glasses this year. I think they’ve gotten bigger. Plus, we screwed up our ordering and went from here to the Dairy Barn, where my stomach refused to let me order a milkshake. Sad, because those are the best milkshakes in the world.
  • Stuffed Olives on a stick… onion, garlic, pimento, sun-dried tomato (given away due to allergies), and a jalapeno
  • Honey taffy… actually, I’m still eating that as I brought a bunch home.
  • Deep fried cheese curds… Quite possibly the most unhealthy thing I look forward to all year. Yes, you can get cheese curds in Wisconsin, but can you get them deep fried?
  • Deep fried macaroni-and-cheese on a stick… you think we’d be all cheese-on-a-stick’ed out at this point, but no.
  • A sample of some organic-all-natural-whatever cheese from the environmental building… it was good, but a little too healthy for the fair.
  • A Happy Dog Meal… okay, I didn’t eat this. But we did buy one for Cooper. It included “french fries” which smell remarkably like real french fries, a “mini-bacon cheeseburger,” a “bacon bone,” a “cheese biscuit,” a “cheesy chicken wrap,” and a “peanut butter cannoli.” (Okay, in actuality, these were all flavored dog biscuits.)
  • Chocolate-Vanilla twist frozen custard in a cone… This was to make up for the lack of a milkshake.
  • A lingonberry sno-cone… A good refreshing palette cleanser after a solo trip on the Sky Ride (because my sister refused to go).
  • Sweet Martha’s Cookies… two buckets of them. Mmmm… delicious with ice cold milk.

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  1. Yeah, I actually know that. They even sell them at A&W’s among other places. My point was that even though Wisconsin is the state known for them, they are even more delicious at the MN State Fair just because it is the MN State Fair.

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