Things I didn’t post about in September


To respond to Sarah B’s complaint that I haven’t posted, here’s the shortened version of what I might have posted about if it had occurred to me.

  • Hotdish Red — A wine from the Carlos Creek Winery in Alexandria, MN. For starters, I did not realize Minnesota has a wine region, but apparently they are working on it. Second, I did not know there is a wine specifically made to go with hotdish, but there is!
  • Fenway Park — I went to my fifth Fenway game (and sixth Red Sox game) of the season. I just posted about it two weeks late. Potentially, this may not even have been my last of the season as I am on call for Thursday should my co-worker’s very pregnant wife go into labor that day (her due date is Friday, so it is not unrealistic to plan for such an occurrence). And it is certainly not my last baseball game of the season as I am flying to Minneapolis this weekend to see the last regular season Twins game in the Metrodome ever. (If they wind up tied with Detroit, this will not be true, which brings me to…)
  • Minnesota Baseball — The Twins are actually in a pennant race! I spent much of my afternoon checking up on the Twins-Tigers game and was delighted to see that the Twins can beat the Tigers even when Joe Mauer doesn’t get a hit! They’re now only 1 game back of the Tigers, who they are playing again tonight and tomorrow. This means that Sunday’s game has the potential to be interesting, which is not what I expected when I bought the tickets in July.
  • Pandas — Speaking of things I’ve been checking up on while at work, please go look at the San Diego Zoo Pandacam. The Panda I saw clearly in heat back in April apparently did get pregnant and gave birth on August 5. The little guy is adorable… and the lowered productivity at my office is directly attributable to him (and to asarwate for showing it to me in the first place). He was actually here yesterday and was berated by my co-worker for not delivering this from San Diego. And by “he” I mean asarwate, not the baby panda… although the panda would have been cooler.

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