Why Minor League Baseball is Awesome


It seems that if you attend a Lake Elsinore Storm game during one of their “Fat Tuesday” nights (i.e. all-you-can-eat night), they will help you out with the impending flatulance by giving you a sample of something called subtle butt: a “disposable gas neutralizer.” For those too lazy to click on the link, the key paragraph from the Storm’s press release:

“You can probably deduce that All-You-Can-Eat ballpark food might lead to substantial gas emissions, which is where corporate sponsor, Subtle Butt, enters the picture. Made of activated carbon fabric, each disposable 3.25″ square shield is held onto the inside of the underwear with two self-adhesive strips. Subtle Butt effectively filters flatulence, absorbing and neutralizing its odor.”

You can’t make this stuff up.
Unfortunately for me, I fly back from my southern California baseball trip on the morning of April 14… which just happens to be the first day of this promotion. Otherwise, I would be sending an e-mail to a certain San Diego resident right now informing him that I would be taking his car to Lake Elsinore that day, whether he was coming with me or not.


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