Via rubinc’s blog… Crayola has come along way since the flesh color, now known as peach. Apparently if you are not careful when ordering what you think are multicolored crayons, you can wind up with multicutural crayons — 8 shades of brown! (Also, even if you don’t know her, you should check out Caroline’s blog about her Teach for America stint. It’s sometimes hilarious, sometimes tragic, and, unlike me, she’s pretty consistent about posting every (school) day.)
As an aside, I swear I remember coloring with crayons labeled “flesh,” but apparently they haven’t existed since 1962. Maybe I used crayons at my grandmother’s that originally belonged to my dad and his siblings. Dad, is that even possible?


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  1. I am guessing that I MAY be even older than your dad (65 for me now) and the answer about FLESH being a Crayola® option did in fact exist: I used it often enough. Those boxes of crayons had, I think, eight in them: no one could afford a larger box in those days, and it MAY be true that the larger boxes of (what was it, 64?) came along when I was about 10 to 12 years old. I do not recall even seeing them before then, and certainly never had one to share between my sister and i and/or a visiting friend or two [were they even friends at that early age, or simply some one or two of my mothers friend’s child/ren who were familiar enough to be welcome?] who broke them in half by applying too much pressure and then walked over the top of the long ones that remained ~ all artlessly, unconsciously, one realized…but then, there was nothing for it but to carry on. I know: I tried to melt them back together and made … a mess. Crayons and M&Ms — nothing remains as it once was. I keep this in mind, and the memories, as the days roll or unfold, and find it improving of the mind and flesh.

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