Let’s Do the Time Warp Again


Today I spent the day building a “barn” (okay, shed) with the intention of having pyrotechnics launched at it with a giant trebuchet, only to discover that due to time constraints, we would not be launching at the barn and then dismantling the barn. But the trebuchet did launch pyrotechnics at a wooden “house” a number of times… and missed a number of times. However, during the last launch the house was filled with explosives and detonated anyway, just as the fiery projectile landed a few feet short (again).

And how was your Saturday?
Oh, you want an explanation? The short version is Zoz, a Discovery Channel show, and an e-mail looking for a driver to take Zoz and some undergrads to New Hampshire, which I happened to respond to. The long version involves waking up at 6 am this morning and is best illustrated with pictures and video… most of which I will post here soonish.


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  1. Shut up, you. There were five us in my car and no one complained about the mess.
    (And I just folded the back seat down, shuffled everything into the trunk, and folded the seat back up.)

  2. actually, the back seat riders enjoyed. it was akin to having inflight meals again, new clothes and blankets, and finding surprising artifacts, some which appear to have significant archeological value. i don’t think there was an actual trebuchet in the back seat, but i have it on good authority that one lucky rider found what appeared to be a cannonball originally found on the Gettysburg battlefield.

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