Who’d have thought Iowa would be so progressive?


I never thought I’d find myself saying this, but way to go Iowa.
In other Big Ten state news, my plan to select a heavily Big Ten weighted NCAA finals bracket actually has me doing better than Barack Obama, primarily because of Michigan State’s upset over Louisville. Unfortunately, while I do have the Spartans going on to the championship game, I ultimately picked Minnesota to win it all… and they were eliminated in the first round.
(This was a pool for no money or prizes. Had anything been on the line, I most likely wouldn’t have picked a Final Four of Minnesota, Michigan State, Michigan, Purdue.)


3 responses

  1. just because it’s in the midwest means little. it’s a swing state, so it must be at least somewhat “progressive”
    i’m more concerned about the states that aren’t. for example, oklahoma …

  2. that’s a really good point. go iowa.
    i like your description of minnesota, haha.