Go Tigers!


I’ve never been a bigger Detroit baseball fan than I am today. Here’s hoping the White Sox choke at the hands of the Motor City, thus giving the Twins the final playoff berth. Yahoo’s got an interesting story about how the Tigers starting pitcher, Freddy Garcia, is related via marriage to Ozzie Guillen and was traded from the White Sox to the Tigers for the White Sox starting pitcher. Here’s hoping Garcia’s out for revenge and doesn’t want to do his uncle-in-law any favors.
If the Tigers can’t pull it off, the season still isn’t over with a one game playoff tomorrow… but I don’t know if I like the Twinkies chances at US Cellular. I’d have been much more comfortable if they had been able to capitalize on all those stranded base runners on Saturday, thus making these extra games superfluous.
Oh, and as long as Mauer doesn’t go 0-7 in the possible game remaining, he’s the AL batting champ for the second time in three seasons. Go Joe!


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