Twins 7, White Sox 6


Last night the Twins, down by half a game in the AL Central, squared off against that team they were down against in the third and final game of a series in which the Twins had taken the first two. Going into the series, we knew the Twins were going to half to sweep in order to take a crack at the division title. And here they were, posed to do it… and I was stuck in Boston with no television or radio coverage. At least in Ann Arbor I would have been able to pick up the Chicago radio station.
Have you ever watched an exciting game via Yahoo!’s Game Channel? It sucks. So much so that I wasn’t really watching as much as occasionally checking the window in between other pointless internet surfing. Once the White Sox had their big 4th inning to go up 6-1, I pretty much stopped checking the score. Right before deciding to go to sleep for the night, I finally checked again to see what the damage was, and much to my delight and surprise, it was tied 6-6 at the end of the 8th.
Only I was tired and getting over a cold and as much as I tried to stay awake, it was between innings and nothing was getting updated… and I fell asleep.
That might have been for the best, however. This morning, as I walked from the T stop to my office, I called my dad and he gave me the play by play of the final innings, which was far superior to watching a screen refresh some numbers. I think most people would have just given me the final score, but not my dad. He walked me through every at bat, from the 1-2-3 9th to the blooping 10th in which the Twins scored the winning run in classic short ball fashion.
And now the Twins are up by a half game and we’re into the last series of the regular season. I’m a Cleveland fan now. Here’s hoping they beat the White Sox while the Twins clobber Kansas City.


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