Twins 0, White Sox 1


7:41 pm, top of the 1st — The Twins got their first base runner on with a walk and I am sitting in my living room watching them play for the first time since moving to Boston. Er, strike that base runner… double play… following by Mauer striking out. Not a good start, boys.
7:52 pm, bottom of the 1st — The White Sox have their own double play in the first, and I am simultaneously watching Tina Fey impersonate Sarah Palin… and by imitate, I apparently mean “quote word for word.”
7:55 pm, top of the 2nd — If Justin Morneau gets an RBI tonight, he will tie Josh Hamilton for the league lead. Striking out is not the way to get that RBI. Speaking of Twins players who struck out, Joe Mauer can do as badly as 0 for 7 and still win the batting title. Barring a multiple extra innings, I think that one’s safe.
8:25 pm, end of the 3rd — Still no score… this whole end of the season reminds me of the South Park episode where the boys are on a Little League team that wins and winds up going to the playoffs… much to their chagrin. They proceed to attempt to lose so that they can just go home and play video games, only to discover that the other teams are trying to lose too. I kind of get the feeling that both the Twins and the White Sox would rather just get the time off this October.
8:31 pm, top of the 4th — Mauer watch: strike out… five more at bats before he loses the crown
Morneau watch: Pop up… not an RBI
Score watch: Still non-existent
8:46 pm, top of the 5th — Ozzie Guillen is interviewed in the dugout and the players are throwing sunflower seeds at him. Meanwhile, the Twins have a runner on third with 1 out. Awesome.
8:49 pm, top of the 5th — Who the heck sent Cuddyer home on a pop fly to *short* center field where the center fielder is Ken Griffey Jr?!?! Way to blow an opportunity.
9:05 pm, middle of the 6th — “This is the first time a one game playoff has been scoreless after five and a half innings,” say our commentators. Fabulous. And then they proceed to give Griffey credit for that throw home… ignoring the fact that he was standing right behind 2nd base when he made the throw. They really should be “crediting” the Twins 3rd base coach for the horrible call. Also, this may have been the first time I have ever seen a break between innings not go to commercial.
9:13 pm, top of the 7th — Mauer attempts a bunt?!?! That’s four remaining at bats he has to lose the title. Meanwhile, Morneau grounds out for another non-RBI at bat.
9:19 pm, bottom of the 7th — Crap.
(That’s code for “Jim Thome just hit a homerun to put the White Sox up 1-0.”)
9:27 pm, bottom of the 7th — Pitching change… no commercial. Is there a lack of advertisers for this game or what?
9:31 pm, end of the 7th — Well, that was less painful than it could have been as the White Sox strand runners on 2nd and 3rd. Now it’s time for the Twins to score some runs and make up for that homer.
9:40 pm, middle of the 8th — With a double play to end any hopes the Twins might have had of making it a big 8th inning, now is as good a time as any to mention the “blackout” and how ridiculous I think it is. They are the White Sox — the color is in their name. And yet, the fans choose to dress in all black, reminding me of the Black Sox Scandal, which mars the franchise’s past.
9:57, end of the game — Darn.
At least Mauer didn’t get up to bat 7 times. I guess I’ll be a Cubs fan now. (Um, about those Red Sox… that’ll be saved for another entry.)


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