Agawa Canyon Tour Train


P1011322.JPGLast weekend I went on the Agawa Canyon Tour Train, which takes you 114 miles into northern Ontario into areas where roads don’t go and drops you off at Agawa Canyon. Unfortunately, they only give you an hour and a half there, which is just barely enough time to see all three waterfalls and go up the lookout — if you’re fast. I saw everything, but it felt very rushed. Three hours would have been better.
I brought my camera and discovered just how difficult it is to take pictures on a moving train. Because the train doesn’t slow down just because you’re passing something pretty, taking a photograph pretty much consists of putting the lens against the window, snapping the picture, and hoping it’s not terrible. But nevertheless, I took pictures and, a week later, they are here.


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  1. Shutter speed?
    During a year backpacking in Europe with SWMBO back in 1973-74, we took oo-many such photos from moving trains (et cetera, when the opportunity presented itself) and as became clear when we arrived home and had the first opportunity to see what we had shot, shutter speed was everything. My SLR Nikkormat whacked ‘[em off up to a 1,000th/of a second, which I often enough used; yet, I found that a 500ths/sec. would do on lumbering trains (common place in Spain, Portugal, and parts of Italy. (I think anything slower than that is not recommended — well, maybe on a cogwheel mountain goated train. There are couple goodies! — one, a funicular in Spain…San Sabastian if I recall rightly with this clogged ole brain.)

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