Red Sox and Sparking Rocks


Two things of note…
1) Manny is no longer a Red Sox, as reports have a trade sending him to LA coming in just under the wire. But the real question is… do they have a bathroom in Dodger Stadium’s left field?
I jest, but the Red Sox sure are going to miss a guy who can make plays like this one.
2) Yesterday I went to a flint mine with four of my students. I’m not supposed to tell you where it is, but given the directions I had, they probably wouldn’t help you anyway. One step was “Take this unmarked dirt road that’s across the way from a blue house, except that I think they might have painted recently, so the house isn’t blue anymore.”
But, using a steel striker one of the students brought along, we did manage to build a fire without the aid of matches. Having rained the night before, finding dry birch bark was non-trivial and what we did find was struggling to light. As things were looking bleak, one of my students reached into his pocket, said, “I know a trick that indians have been using for days,” and pulled out a lighter. But he didn’t have to use it — another student finally managed to get a spark to catch on.


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