We’re number 1?!


Via Sheeva, Amy, et al, CNN has come up with a list of the 100 best “small cities” to live in in American and topping the list is my hometown, Plymouth, MN. However, as much civic pride as I’d like to have, my initial reaction was “Really?!?! It’s a pretty generic white bread suburb.”
Of course, I find CNN’s description of it highly amusing. For starters, who is in that picture? I have never in my life (which includes 12+ years of living in Plymouth) seen anyone that preppy fishing with waders on in Plymouth. Also, “more than half a dozen sizable bodies of water” by my count includes Medicine Lake (a real lake), Parkers Lake (check), Gleason Lake (okay), Schmidt Lake (hmmm….), and then it starts to get sketchy. If they’re counting Turtle Lake, which I talked about long ago as being a swamp, I’m crying foul.
But I’ll give them credit for mentioning Fire & Ice. Mini-golf-on-ice is pretty fun. And it’s not like the place is all bad… I’m just pretty sure I’ve lived more in more interesting cities.


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