Hurray Justin Morneau!


As I referenced in my last post, I consider Justin Morneau to be my future husband. And tonight he did me proud, winning the 2008 Homerun Derby. Josh Hamilton, the comeback kid, actually hit more total homeruns throughout the competition with an astonishing 28 homeruns in the first round alone. (That’s a 74% homerun percentage, for those who didn’t want to do the math themselves.) But the totals didn’t carry over to the last round where Justin took advantage of Josh’s tiredness to win in a 5-3 victory.
But most importantly? I edited Morneau’s wikipedia page within seconds of Hamilton’s final out. Within a few minutes, someone else had already edited my edit. Such is the way with wikipedia… maybe I should edit it to add the fact that we are engaged. Or maybe not — I should probably tell him first.
And boo on the announcers… “The winner’s not going to be remembered with Hamilton’s performance overshadowing it.” Not so — I’ll always remember you, Morneau!


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  1. How quickly they forget… Check out Wikipedia now. For some inexplicable reason, your edits are long gone as folks seemingly are fighting to decide whether the mention belongs or that Justin is a homosexual Canadian.
    I think the whole thing gets filed under HTFUAWD.

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