On This Most Solemn of Days


First things first, I got a new phone number: 952-431-9500
Things I’ve noted throughout the day…

  • Virgle — Easily the most entertaining April Fools joke
  • Click on any video on You Tube’s homepage
  • Custom Time for Gmail
  • Open up a google word document and then go to File, and look at the line under “New Document.” (Thanks, Lou, for the heads up.)
  • More from Google
  • Livejournal announces a new advisory board member
  • The microwave and toaster oven in our downstairs kitchen were mysteriously upside down today… as were all of the glasses, which were also filled with water. Gee, wonder who did that…
  • My housemate, who has a tendency to forward every crime alert notification she receives, forwarded an e-mail that appeared to be a crime alert notifying us of jaywalkers on our street. The suspect descriptions seemed oddly similar to certain roommates of mine. And upon further inspection, the x-sender was not the same housemate as the from address.

I’ll add more as I discover them… although I should note that I’m officially bored with the RickRolling… ha, ha, we get it. Find a new joke.


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  1. I knew a girl whose father would always wake her on April Fool’s morning with the announcement that it had snowed. She would jump from her bed and head to the window to be greeted with the greening of spring and a chuckled ‘April Fools’.
    That girl has grown into a somewhat suspicious doctoral candidate at the University of Michigan. And when presented with a similar call on April 1, 2008, she chose to roundly belittle the caller and suggest that she was now beyond such petty tomfoolery.
    Alas, it did snow in Minnesota yesterday to the tune of 6-8 inches. Fear not, it’s melting now and that forlorn little girl has been gotten on April Fool’s with the unkindest jest of all; the truth.
    She will, of course, deny this, but it is what it is.

  2. My Dad used to play the same trick on us when we lived in Virginia and we would fall for it every year. Then we moved to Texas and the joke didn’t work so well.

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