I probably don’t hate you


A random thought I just had coming from the transoms of my sleep deprived mind (hurray conference deadlines)…
In an exchange of not-really-witty e-mails, a friend wrote something that he knew would annoy me. (If you’re curious, one of my pet peeves is the misspelling “prolly” — “probably” has three syllables! You can’t just remove the middle one and expect it to be okay!) In response, I simply wrote to him, “I hate you.”
But of course, I don’t really hate him… in fact, I hate very few people, if any at all. (Although I can certainly think of a number of people I dislike.) After I sent the e-mail I then wondered: if there was someone I actually hated, is there any situation in which I would send them e-mail that simply said “I hate you” with no further explanation?
I don’t think there is. While the concept of sending such a terse line to certain politicians is amusing to think about, if I truly hated someone and wanted them to know it, I would also want to expound upon why. So if in the future you receive such an e-mail from me, rest assured that I don’t mean it.
But, damn it, it’s P-R-O-B-A-B-L-Y.


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