The Event That Will Live in Infamy


As if a musical wasn’t enough, we’ve now been contacted by a budding author about the prospect of writing a novel based on the idea of the Time Traveler’s Convention. It amazes me how, three years later, people are still interested in what was originally just a kooky party idea.
I expect Hollywood next. And I want Ellen Page to play me.


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  1. I was thinking Laura Prepon (Donna from that 70s show). Actually, you could probably cast the whole TTC movie with the cast of that 70s show.

  2. Clearly, Ellen Page is too young to play a sophisticated MIT grad. While Laura Prepon is a good choice, I suggest two as better.
    First, to make sure the age and stylisms are the same, why not a birthday match… Brittany Spears! Exactly, the same age and the temperament seems to match as well.
    Otherwise, how about Amy Adams? Another Minnesota girl making a name for herself in the big world?

  3. Okay, so clearly Ellen Page would either play Dorothy or be in some kind of live action version of Cat and Girl (she would be Girl, naturally, the part of Cat would be played by Rhys Ifans).
    If bloggers continue getting book deals, its only natural for hollywood to start getting film ideas from web comics.

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