World Series, Game 4


I didn’t blog anything about Game 3 because we were throwing a Halloween party. I still watched the game — just didn’t have much in the way of commentary.
10:33 pm, top 7th inning Okay, it’s nice that Mike Lowell hit a homerun — go Red Sox, whoo hoo and all. But this World Series is officially the least interesting World Series I’ve watched in a long time. The Rockies never seem to be able to generate offense and it hardly seems like a fair fight. I realize that saying this now may jinx things for the Sox, but at this point, I can’t even pretend to myself that I care. I’m actually rooting for Colorado to pull off some sort of miracle in their last three innings and turn things around, just so that there’s something interesting to watch.
Sweeps are boring. Go Rockies.
10:48 pm, bottom 7th Hey, Brad Hawpe, one of my fantasy players, knocked it out of the park! Now it’s 3-1… maybe I did jinx things after all. I can only hope.
11:08 pm, top 8th Bobby Kielty hits a pinch hit homerun. That would be exciting if the Red Sox had ever been down… in the entire series. (Am I right about that? Have the Red Sox been ahead for the entire series? … Apparently, no. The Rockies led from the top of the first until the bottom of the fourth in Game 2.)
11:36 pm, bottom 8th Go, Garrett Atkins! A two-run homer brings the Rockies to within one. Now the game is finally interesting.
12:00 am, bottom 9th Okay, now that it’s midnight, I’ll switch back into Red Sox fan mode… begrudgingly. Two more outs, Papelbon!
12:02 am, bottom 9th Oh, Jamey Carroll… so close to being a hero. So close, yet so far. Now it’s just down to one out for the title.
12:06 am The Boston Red Sox are baseball’s World Champions! I’m happy for the Boston squad… truly. Just wish the World Series had been as exciting as the ALCS. (That was true in 2004 too, come to think of it.)
12:07 am Prediction: Jacoby Ellsbury for series MVP. You heard it here first.
12:09 am I noted that VariTeX took the final out ball and put it in his back pocket. Do you think he’ll pull a Doug Mientkiewicz with it?
12:19 am Mike Lowell? Really? I mean, he did well… but Ellsbury had a higher average (.438 vs .400). Looking back, I guess Ellsbury just had the big game 3… and the first run tonight. And the taco thing. I’ll give him the SMVP award (second most valuable player).


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