More TTC the Musical


I received an e-mail today from the author of The Time Travelers Convention: The Musical. It seems that using the power of Second Life (thanks, Breath and now Benoc), they’ve made a music video of one of the songs.

Dude, Amal and I don’t look like that!


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  1. You know, I have a copy of the script, but I haven’t read it yet, so I couldn’t tell you.
    I can tell you that there was no such love affair in real life.

  2. > You don’t have at least a little bit of love for “Would you kick Hitler’s ass?”
    That is admittedly the highlight, but the joke isn’t earned by all the filler that leads up to it. The rhyming is mundane and the phrasing isn’t natural. The music is decent, but the words feel like a first draft. The writers should go back through and try to express the same ideas in language that isn’t uber-cheesy.
    Though this is coming from somebody who’s writing a mini-musical about going to the mall. So maybe it should be ignored.

  3. I could pen volumes in discussing this video, both agreeing and disagreeing with Dan. But I’m going to sum it all up in just a few words:
    High School Musical & High School Musical II & coming soon to a cinema near you, High School Musical III

  4. In addition to the bizarro Erin & Amal characters…
    You’re not supposed to eat pretzels and tostitos in the library. Unless this is supposed to be Walker, in which case I question the presence of all the books. C- on attention to detail.

  5. Despite the precarious state of musical and lyrical ability, I still find the very notion of a music video in Second Life based on a musical that was based on the Time Travelers Convention to be HILARIOUS! 🙂

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