World Series, Game 2


11:28 pm, bottom 7th I had a rehearsal tonight, so no real live blogging. (Hey… I sing in a vocal jazz octet called Midnight Blue now. Did I tell people that?) I’m also trying to write something up for my advisor tomorrow. However, I’ll take a short break to mention that Jonathan Papelbon strikes me as someone with ADHD who was never given Ritalin… and the world is better for it!
12:07 am, top 9th 9th inning… 2 outs… 1 run game. Who can focus on a write-up? Oh, Brad Hawpe, while you were on my failed fantasy team this year, that love is over and I hope you strike out.
12:09 am, end Thanks, Brad! And now it’s on to Colorado for some wholesome Christian baseball at high altitude.
12:25 am Oh, and don’t forget to get your free taco on Tuesday.


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