Yankees 13, Red Sox 5


Dear Red Sox,
This is difficult to write, but I think I have to be done cheering for you this season. For the first time in your history, you have allowed 12+ runs in three consecutive games, putting yourselves 4.5 games back of the Yankees in the AL East. While this is not an insurmountable lead, you have now put yourself in contention for the Wild Card instead and my loyalties lie elsewhere in that race — the Twins are going to have enough to contend with in fighting off that other Sox team. Plus, it’s difficult to respect you when you get swept by Kansas “.363” City.
When David Ortiz hit his sac fly in the fifth to tie things up, I thought maybe we could salvage this. It’s seems that Papi has always been the glue that keeps us together. But then Josh Beckett blew up on the mound in the sixth, and I knew we were in trouble and that this relationship was beyond repair.
Should things change in September and the Yankees really start to choke, then perhaps I’ll re-examine things. But for now, I think we need a break. Let’s try again next season.
We’ll always have 2004,


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