Twins 11, Orioles 2/White Sox 10, Tigers 0


Look, it’s great when the Twins take two out of three in Baltimore like they’ve done. It’s fun when they finish it off with a blowout. It’s even more promising when you consider that this was with the bottom of their rotation. But it doesn’t really help any when the White Sox take the last two in Detroit with a blowout of their own — the Twins are still a half game back in the wild card. My first Tigers series where I’m really actively rooting for the hometown team and they go and disappoint me.
But tomorrow… tomorrow both teams can’t win. Tomorrow the Twins go to Chicago and I will meet them there. Jim Thome will be on the DL, silencing a big bat for the Bad Sox and Brad Radke will be on the mound… and the last time I saw bradke pitch on the road, he didn’t disappoint. I sense good things for my first visit to U.S. Cellular Field (and I’ll spare you my rant on stadiums with corporate names).
And next Tuesday I have tentative plans to catch the Twins in the giant sterile bubble that is the Metrodome. This will make three Twins games in three different stadiums within the span of one month.
(Oh, and the Red Sox are up 2-0 in the 7th against Anaheim. But we are still on a break, so I don’t care. Really.)


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  1. Yo I’m totally jealous — both that you are still rooting for a team that hasn’t shat the bed and that you’re going to be at that Chicago/Minnesota series, which should be awesome.

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