A Big Day for Division Rivalries

  • Yankees 26, Good Sox 15 — Okay, it was spread over two games, but still… 26 runs in one day? And that second game was the longest nine inning game in MLB history — 4 hours and 45 minutes. I could have fit in nearly three viewings of Snakes on a Plane in that time*. The Red Sox are going to have to be careful — if the Yankees get too far ahead in the division and the Sox find themselves actively chasing the Wild Card against the Twins instead of gunning for the Yankees, my loyalties are going to stick with Joe Mauer over Big Papi.
  • Twins 7, Bad Sox 3 — See, this was an outcome I liked — with Boof Bonser as the starting pitcher, no less. Now the Twins are back within 1 of the wild card and they’ve got Radke, who’s been on fire recently, and Santana, who’s always on fire, going against the Sox tomorrow and Sunday. It’s possible they could be in the lead after the weekend is over (unless I just jinxed that).

Of course, as much fun as the end of season pennant races can get… I’m still opposed to the wild card, in theory. Just like I’m still theoretically opposed to cell phones.
* — By the way, anyone who thinks that I, with my paralyzing fear of snakes, would ever see that movie is crazy. I’ve already lived through Snakes in My Bedroom and Snake Crawling Across My Face During Hide and Go Seek, so no thank you.


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