Infamy, part 2


The New York Times covers the Time Traveler Convention
Man, do I sound like a nut.
Update: Front page of the national edition!!!!!!!!!!
The IM conversation with Amal:
(02:51:23) Erin Rebecca Rhode:
(02:51:28) Erin Rebecca Rhode: didn’t make the front page
(02:51:46) Amal Kumar Dorai: yeah I already know we didnt’
(02:51:57) Erin Rebecca Rhode: it did on the national edition
(02:52:01) Amal Kumar Dorai: !
(02:52:02) Amal Kumar Dorai: no it didn’t
(02:52:06) Erin Rebecca Rhode: the article
(02:52:07) Erin Rebecca Rhode: no picture
(02:52:10) Erin Rebecca Rhode: i just looked
(02:52:16) Erin Rebecca Rhode: clicked on “national edition”
(02:52:17) Amal Kumar Dorai: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(02:52:19) Amal Kumar Dorai: YESYESYES
(02:52:20) Erin Rebecca Rhode: below the fold
(02:52:27) Erin Rebecca Rhode: congrats!
(02:52:28) Amal Kumar Dorai: *pomp and circumstance*


4 responses

  1. Yeah, yeah you do. Wormholes… *snort*
    Really, everyone in this article sounds true to form. Well done.

  2. Great convention. If the time machine exists in my lifetime I’ll try to make it back and bring proof. Does that mean I might be at the event even though I didn’t RSVP?