More for Time Travel Fans


Well, thanks to Amal linking to me from the Time Travel website, the number of hits on this website has gone up 10 fold today. (1913 unique visits so far — 11,023 hits.) So welcome time travel fans.
And for your listening pleasure, here’s me talking about the convention this morning.
And if you want another story about adventures Amal Dorai and I have had, check out the Beaver Escapades.


5 responses

  1. Back to the future

    Amal Dorai, a graduate student at the MIT is publicising a new convention over the web, print and perhaps clay tablets too. The convention would be attended by renonwed professors of Physics and people from the future.
    Dorai believes that time trav…

  2. I know only one time traveller, his name is Kronbus, hes from 2500 approx. he was in Argentina in 2004, don’t know where is he now.
    Good Luck having his name!!!

  3. The other time traveler is Notbus (nostradamus)
    good luck catching ’em !!!

  4. Another correction, Kronbus was in argentina around 1998 , im sorry about the error (2004)