What Would Johnny Damon Do?


April 13 was Miss Danielle Sanzone’s 24th birthday. All she wanted was Johnny Damon to be her very own. Since she couldn’t have the real thing, her friend and my housemate, Laura Fox, went ahead and made her a cake version of Damon, which wound up as dessert after a dinner of homemade sushi last Saturday. Johnny was much more attractive than the fish that was fileted by George and Danielle for sushi, also known as “The Fishgina.” Johnny even looks particularly like a certain savior when lit up with candles. It was a delicious cake with chocolate sprinkles for the beard, cream cheese frosting for the jersey and skin (blended with some red for the perfect tint), and chocolate frosting for the hair. I was lucky enough to eat the nose and mouth.
And for an added bonus – The Fishgina!.


13 responses

  1. What was that i did not hear you i think you said 25? DOES that ring a bell.

  2. … and now you dropped punctuation and spelling altogether with the hope that your IMspeak will hide your ignorance.
    You certainly are special — eating-the-paste special.

  3. Arguing with a Yankees fan is, to paraphrase Mark Twain, like teaching a pig to sing – it wastes your time and annoys the pig.

  4. Just remember the yankees are soooooo much beter than the red sox it’s not even funny and the red sox don’t know a bat from a glove (thats what you get when you crose a mad YANKEE FAN) Oh yah every single person in my class that likes baseball are red sox fans and they tell me to change my mind but thats never ever gona happen.:)

  5. Way to represent Yankees fans everywhere. Is it a universal thing that none of you know how to use proper grammar and spelling?

  6. I Love you Yankee 2. You are so right. And for you Erin… are you a damm English teacher or something? Oh I am so not the pig, David Ortiz is!

  7. And it does not matter anymore because 1 of your 2 best players is gone. He’s with the yankees now and there is nothing you can do about it. I recall Johnny Damon, had a grandslam the other night. Comepared to David Ortiz the thing he know’s how to do is hit. He is not a infield or outfielder. Becuase he cant run his fat a@#!!!