An update on the Time Traveler Convention…
I’ve sort of taken over the task of “correspondence,” which mostly means monitoring the gmail account. The account has received over 200 e-mails. Most people seem to have the same sense of humor about the event as we have, but some people are really quite nuts. The other large portion of the mail is media requests – mostly radio stations wanting a quick 5-10 minute interview. Amal explicitly told me to turn down all interview requests “unless they are from the New York Times or something.” Well, upon checking the inbox today…

Hi time travel buffs,
I am a reporter for The New York Times, and your plea for publicity
about your convention has been forwarded to me. I found your web site quite
entertaining and I’d be interested in talking with you about the convention
to see if it is something The Times would like to write about.
Could you give me a call at your earliest convenience? I can be
reached at 617-***-**** or 917-***-****.
Thank you,
Pam Belluck
Pam Belluck
New England Bureau Chief
The New York Times

Update: A reporter from the New York Times will be on Putz tomorrow morning at 11 AM.


3 responses

  1. God dammit! Why did I have to move away! I bet Amal thought of this idea a long time ago and waited to implement it until I was safely 3000 miles away.

  2. Breath, you could make us a logo… and then you could be the contact for the San Francisco Examiner. (I sent you an e-mail.)

  3. Had a great time at the MIT/EC Time Traveller Convention this coming weekend, mixing among the unwary, the hallucinatory, and the joyous, but was sorry not to have seen you there — did I simply miss you?
    Now that I am back I’ll “in fact” be attending another event on the same day this weekend, and thereafter looking for Amal Dorai’s conclusory remarks on how the day went for him (I was peeking over his shoulder while he milled but kept myself prudently discreet so that I could pull off this stunt to his certain amazement when he finally realizes I am the good doctor in the past and the future.
    You really can be in two places at the same time.