Time Traveler Convention


Update: Tonight (May 2, 2005) during the 4 PM and 6 PM (EDT) segments of All Things Considered on NPR, Amal will be interviewed. His segment is about 40 minutes in, he says.
About a week ago, Amal IMed me with a link to his web announcement of The Time Traveler Convention which was followed shortly by an e-mail to Putz with the same information. I laughed and shared it with a few friends who were also online at the time, because the idea seemed funny, but didn’t think too much of it.
The next day, Amal requested that we all publicize the heck out of this thing in order to make sure future human societies remember it and time travelers know to come back for it. Remembering that Craigslist is now sending posts into space, I mocked up an ad for the convention and posted it to various Craigslist boards in multiple cities. That, combined with word of mouth and posts on a few other Internet boards, got the Convention a little more publicity.
But it wasn’t until this weekend and the Convention was Slashdotted that the Inbox of timetravelerconvention@gmail.com started to explode with crazy responses. My favorite is from the people at Destination Day, who appear to be mad at Amal “Time Traveler Convention” for not acknowledging that they did it first.

From: The Destination Day Bureau
To: timetravelerconvention@gmail.com
For those who came in late…
The people from the future are already here:
You will change the title of your convention to “The Destination Day
Tribute Convention”.
You will NOT attempt to re-hash Destination Day as a unique event.
Destination Day takes place on the 31st of March each year, as of 31st
March 2005.
You will change all information about your convention and you will
write solely of Destination Day and its origins.
At “The Destination Day Tribute Convention” you will talk only of
Destination Day, and you will show the images, texts, and data that we
have collected already from that day. You will contact us immediately
to confirm the transfer of this information.
Under any other circumstances, you will not proceed any further with
your convention. Trust us – We know.
The Bureau knows who you are
The Bureau knows where you live
I hope we have made ourselves clear
best regards,
The Destination Day Bureau

To which “timetravelerconvention” responded:

It’s good to see others investigating time travel! We have provided a link to your site on ours. Did any time travelers show up in March?

But they still weren’t entirely appeased. However, it appears that we can expect strange insects to show up next week…

There is no need to stress that you where inspired by anything else
other than Destination Day. Adding “(although our convention is
inspired by Cat and Girl)” only serves to compound your disregard for
The Destination Day Bureau.
With regards to your question, yes we believe that insects were sent
from the future. We currently have them in the lab, but we are unable
to disclose any information about it just yet.
best regards,
The Bureau

This has the potential to be such a disappointment.


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