Twins 5, Brewers 4 — 15 innings

Twins 5, Brewers 4 — 15 innings

As previously mentioned, the day after Martini’s wedding, I took Quinn, Harvey, and Katie to Target Field to see the Twins play the Brewers.  Except that Quinn was, uh, recovering and didn’t show up until the top of the 5th.  No worries however — he still got to see 9 full innings of baseball as the Twins and Brewers decided it was a good day to play 15.  In fact, Quinn saw more innings than Harvey and Katie, who had to leave after the 9th in order to catch their respective flights.  There was also a 45 minute rain delay in the 12th, during which I got to visit the Metropolitan Club for the first time, thanks to a new friend I had previously only known on Twinkie Town and twitter, who happened to be sitting a few rows in front of us in the third deck.  Thanks, Anelle (not her real name)!

As for the game — the good guys won!  Both teams scored a run early through a combination of small ball, but then the Brewers went up 4-1 in the 5th on a Corey Hart 3-run homerun.  (This coincided with Quinn arriving at our seats, so we decided it was his fault.)  The many Brewers fans in the park went crazy, but their joy only lasted a few innings as the Twins tied it up in the 7th on a walk and four singles.  And then the score stayed tied… and stayed tied.  And then it rained… and rained.

After our field trip to the Metropolitan Club, where I checked out some Blyleven memorabilia and some Twins china, we relocated to the first level, right behind first base.  Jeff Gray came in to pitch for the Twins and performed like an ace for three innings, before getting replaced by Swarzak in the 15th.  In the bottom half of the innings, the Twins managed to load the bases in the 12th, but failed to score.  Then came the 15th and they put two runners on.  Jamey Carroll hit a single and Trevor Plouffe came around to score what I was sure would be the winning run, only to get caught in a run down.  After a Brewers pitching change and some defensive indifference, Denard Span came to the plate with runners on second and third… and boom!  Solid single to right to win the game!  Twins win!  The crowd (all eighteen of us left — which apparently included my uncle and cousin) went crazy!

Take that, Wisconsin.  Here’s some pictures.

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