Twins 1, Phillies 6

Twins 1, Phillies 6

I’m currently in Minneapolis for Martini’s wedding. On Sunday, I’ll be at Target Field taking Harvey, Quinn, and Katie to the Brewers-Twins games. I was so excited about this that I forgot to notice that it was going to be Father’s Day and I’d be at a baseball game in my hometown without my dad. To make up for this, I bought four Legends Club seats to tonight’s game against the Phillies — Jim Thome’s triumphant return to Target Field — and took my parents and sister.

Now, Jim Thome holds the current record for number of homeruns hit at Target Field.  He hit his 600th career homerun for the Twins last season in Detroit (which, if you’ll recall, I screwed up by not being at), and then they released him so that he would get picked up by a contender.  Now this year he’s playing for his old manager Charlie Manuel in the National League where there is no DH… except tonight in the Interleague game against the Twins.  He already crushed one homerun on Wednesday, so my hope was that he’d gotten it out of his system and the Twins could win today’s game and thus win the series.


Jim Thome crushed a 3 run homer in the third to put the Phillies up 4-1.  Odds are, that’s his last homerun at Target Field.  Slightly smaller odds are that that’s his last homerun, since I’ve heard rumors that he’ll be retiring once these interleague series are over. Unfortunately, I foolishly left the good camera at home, so the only picture I took is this camera phone shot of Thome about to cross the plate… good job, Gentleman Jim. And happy father’s day, Dad!

Jim Thome crosses the plate after his 607th homerun, his last at Target Field.


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  1. May not be the last chance to see Thome homer in Target Field, Phillie traded him to Baltimore and the Orioles come to town the 16-19 of July. Apparently, it will take a banner year for Plouffe or Willingham to take the lead in home runs hit in Target Field, given 16 more ABs for Thome, he should have two-three more home runs.

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