The Homer Dome


In its recap of today’s Vikings-Cowboys game, ESPN (well, Chris Berman) referred to the Metrodome as the Homer Dome even though a) no one hits home runs there any more and b) the Vikings have painted a whole bunch of it purple in an attempt to make people forget about the Twins being there, plus it’s been rebranded as Mall of America Field. I guess that rebranding isn’t working yet.
Also, as I passively watched the game before my curling match (more on that later), I couldn’t help but wonder how Marion Barber reconciles the fact that he was a Vikings fan growing up, cheering for Randy Moss, with the fact that he was playing against them (and Moss) today. And just for the record, Barber sat behind me in health class senior year (his junior year). That kid fell asleep all the time, but was such a genuinely well-liked guy that the teacher never really got mad at him for it.
Oh, and curling started this weekend. I’m in two leagues — Friday nights and Sunday nights. We won on Friday (when I played lead) and lost tonight (when I was vice-skip). I recall feeling more or less competent at the end of the mini-leagues last spring. I’m not there yet this season.


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