Alaska Minute: Day 5


Well, this is it for the trip. I woke up this morning at Angel’s Rest on Resurrection Bay, a little collection of one room cabins right on the water that I highly recommend if you’re ever staying in Seward. The best part is the view…

After waking up, I headed out on a 3 hour tour… but unlike Gilligan and company, I did not get shipwrecked. I did, however, spot lots of wildlife… like this little guy:

… and these guys:

Finally, it was time to go. Before heading to the airport to drop off the rental truck, I drove to near-the-top-of Flattop Mountain at the Glen Alps overlook over Anchorage where I filmed the final Alaska Minute.

Aww… I don’t want to go home.


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  1. Dude!!! These videos are awesome! Thanks for posting them all; I can’t wait to hear about all the adventures in person when you get back!

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