Fun with a new camera


I finally pulled the photos off my camera from last week’s Red Sox/Orioles game. Apparently I took nearly 600 photos (burst mode!). The vast majority are pretty terrible (burst mode!). Here are three that aren’t too bad… the thumbnails link to larger versions.
Brian Roberts connects for the first hit of the game. What makes this photo so amazing is that a) you can see the ball about to hit the bat and b) it was taken from way off in right field.
A panorama of Fenway Park, mid-game, taken with the “panorama assist” mode. I stitched the three photos together myself in Gimp instead of using the stitching software that came with the camera. It’s not the greatest job in the world — the seams are pretty obvious, especially in the larger version — but it’s still a reasonable perspective of where we were sitting when I took the other two photos.
Felix Pie (pronounced Pee-ay) catches the final out of the game in front of a giant reminder of the AL East standings where his team is 31 games back.


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