Orioles 9, Red Sox 1


It’s been almost a week since I last went to baseball game and didn’t blog it. Whoops. It was a blow out for the Orioles… which really says something about a) how bad the Sox are this season and b) how good Buck Showalter has been in turning the Orioles from the worst team in the American League to the second worst team in the American League (sorry, Seattle Mariners fans). The Sox scored first in the second, and for awhile it looked like it might be a quiet 1-0 game. But then the Orioles struck back in the 6th inning… and the 7th… and the 8th… and just to rub it in, another 4 runs in the 9th.
I was wearing my Twins hat, and the guy next to me on the bus said he was envious of me having a team worth cheering for this year. When’s the last time a Red Sox fan said that to a Twins fan? Oh yeah, 2006.
The tickets came from my old friend Lisa, also known as Spaczke (pronounced “Spazz-key”), who secretly moved to Boston without telling me. The game was “sold out” but she had managed to get tickets off of StubHub for $17… not bad considering the face value was $45. It was good timing — in preparation for my upcoming trip to Alaska (in a week!), I bought a new fancy camera and this was my first chance to take some fancy action shots with it. Unfortunately, they’re all still on the camera. I’ll post the highlights here eventually…
(In the mean time, that same night the Twins won to bring the magic number to 1 and waited around for the White Sox to lose to Oakland, officially clinching the division. They’ve played like guys with massive hangovers ever since, but it’s probably because, well, they did some massive partying that night. But playoffs here they come…)


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