Fun with Geography


So, I’m watching Sports Center (after watching the Red Sox lose a heartbreaker to the Yankees) and they start to cover the Twins victory over the Blue Jays with the following intro: “The first place Twins head up north to Canada to take on Toronto…”
Wait just a minute now — I have the following problem with that statement:

  • Latitude of Target Field in Minneapolis: 44.982039° N.
  • Latitude of Rogers Centre in Toronto: 43.64140° N.

Fun fact for ESPN: The Twins actually travel about 93 miles South to play in Toronto.
(While I suppose that the Sports Center writers could have been referring to the fact that the Twins actually did travel north because they were coming from New York (latitude of Yankee Stadium: 40.82661), I don’t give them that much credit. If they had said “The Twins travel north to Arlington…” without mentioning that this was only true because their previous series had been in Tampa, it would sound equally wrong.)


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