Twins 1, Yankees 7


Obviously my attempt at liveblogging failed… as did the Twins attempt at finally beating the Yankees. Until Jesse Crain came in in the 7th and gave up a walk, a two run homer, and a double in quick succession, it didn’t feel like the Twins were being outplayed, despite the score. Both Mauer and Morneau had balls that just missed being homeruns. Even Brendan Harris just missed an RBI single on a line shot right back to Andy Pettitte that Pettitte seemed the most surprised about. But close only counts in horseshoes (and curling!)… besides which, the 7th inning Yankee slugfest would probably have been enough anyway.
On the subway back to Brooklyn, I met some Twins fans who had a much better time than I did. He had connections that gave them the ridiculously priced diamond seats right next to the Twins dugout. She was pregnant with twins — oh the punning possibilities! As a result of these two factors, she was tossed a ball from both Michael Cuddyer and Joe Mauer! The Mauer ball apparently came when she rubbed her belly and shouted, “They’re twins!” I am so unbelievably jealous. (In the vein of what-a-small-world, she went to Hopkins where she played soccer and hated my high school for beating them in 1997. He went to Anoka but played soccer with two guys I knew — twins, actually — from my high school during the summers. And they met because she went to St. Ben’s — my mother’s alma mater — and he went to St. John’s, the brother school to St. Ben’s that my dad hates.)


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