Twins 1, Yankees 4


My previous statement about Alex Rodriguez still stands.
On the plus side… no more Metrodome! As much as I have fond memories that took place there, it cannot be stressed enough how awful a baseball stadium it is. (There is one exception — if it is raining outside and the stadium is full, it’s kind of worth it. See last week, for example.)
I didn’t get to see the last two Red Sox games, wherein they were swept by the Angels. I went to bed after the Twins game on Friday so that I could get up early and drive to Maine. And I was out hiking in Acadia during today’s game. More on that later…


One response

  1. No, even your raining example fails. I refer you to a game in Toledo between the Mudhens and the Rochester Red Wings. Obviously, you have to approach a rain delay/rainout with a certain fatalism, but tell me there is any experience at the Dome that equates to sitting in the stands watching the grounds crew roll out the tarp, the rain falling, the inevitable doofus (often a player) who runs out on the field and slides across said tarp, and sitting in the stands, I prefer sitting in the rain, but some folks head up to the covered areas, talking baseball, the rain stopping, removing the tarp and the players rewarming and the call of play ball again, or even the finality of the announcement that game has been called. No equivalent and an entire generation missed it.