Twins 3, Yankees 3 (Bottom of the 9th)


I really dislike A-Rod right now.
Edited in the 11th: Mark Teixeira’s on my list now too. MFNYY win 4-3. Even though Mauer got screwed out of a double in the top of the 11th. I didn’t think the Twins would win this series, but I didn’t think the games would be this frustrating. Maybe they’ll squeak one out in the Dome on Sunday to avoid the sweep.
This is so unpleasant, I’m running away to camp in Maine. (Actually, this was always the plan. And getting a motel on Sunday with a TV to watch game 3 is also part of the plan. And bringing a portable radio to listen to other playoff games involving the local team is also part of the plan.)


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  1. So, you shouldn’t’ve washed that jersey after all. This game sure seemed to perpetuate the Gardenhire curse didn’t it?

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