The subject is, of course, referring to the weather. It always makes me nervous when it doesn’t snow until after my birthday, because then I’m never sure when I should decorate the tree. This year, having been busy for most of the week, I kept putting it off. I finally had a free day today, and probably would have decorated it anyway, but it’s so much more appropriate to do so when it’s snowing out.
Also, I had to drive all the way to Sudbury this afternoon to find a Christmas present for my sister. (This was after checking a number of stores in Porter/Davis and then Beacon Hill and Newbury Street and Downtown Crossing and the Galleria and coming up empty handed.) While I don’t think she ever looks here, she might, so I’ll refrain from saying too much more. Except that she better like it.


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  1. Just to ease your mind, the rules for Christmas are thus:
    1. You can’t play Christmas music or movies until you physically see snow fall.
    2. The tree can go up anytime after Thanksgiving. (Anything before provides additional hiding for the turkey, which is a bad thing.)
    We, traditionally, decorated the tree on your birthday, but not by rule. (See “Parents – creating problems between siblings” in the Universal Parenting Handbook, also referred to as “Mother’s Curse, the only ray of hope”.)
    Since anything over 2 rules necessitates the need for a bureaucracy and lawyers, those are the only rules allowed, which is not another rule, but common sense.

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