You say what is your birthday?


I was, for highly appropriate reasons, just googling the phrase “The Beatles Birthday” because as of twenty-two minutes ago it is a timely day to find that song on YouTube and listen to it. (My mp3s are not on this machine, my external harddrive, which was the back up, is dead, my Zune speakers are in another room, and the White Album CDs which I, er, “borrowed” from my dad in 9th grade are in my car. YouTube is just faster sometimes, especially when you want to hear a specific single song.) And yet, instead of the first hit being the YouTube video, as is usually the case since Google bought them, Google seemed to think I wanted to know what the Beatles birthday was… and gave me “1962.”
That is just wrong, Google, for so many reasons. (Okay, mainly three: 1962 is not a birthday, it’s a year; the Beatles actually formed and existed as a group before 1962, so it’s not even the right year; and finally, I’d bet good money that most people doing that search are looking for the song, not some arbitrary date.) Edited to Add: If you check Google’s “source“, they list the birth-“day” as 1960 (which I think is more correct because that’s when they stopped being The Quarrymen — seriously, my off-hand knowledge of this band is freakish). Google fails big time.
However, on the second hit, I did get what I was looking for…


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  1. I’d guess that Love, Love Me, Do etc. were the first Beatles songs as WE know the Beatles, which would make them POST-Pete Best on drums as he had been with them in Liverpool and Germany; if that “guess” is about right, then they would be about 1962 (a second guess) because that is the year they recorded the first all-UK hits that brought them to Ed Sullivan and the states in 1963 or ’64 [I suppose I could look all this up as you had tried to do, but my interest level, having lived through it, is pretty …
    … low.
    Yeah, I still like the music but it is all behind me for the most part, as it should be.