Mainely Camping


As I write this, I am sitting in front of a campfire looking over Western Bay near Acadia National Park, having just polished off a lobster dinner and half a blueberry pie. (I’ll save the other half for tomorrow night.)
MGH is forcing me to take Monday off because some guy got lost trying to find India 500 years ago and I decided to take advantage of the fact that I own a car by heading “downeast” to go hiking at Acadia for the weekend. I didn’t think of this idea until earlier this week (when I realized that Monday was a holiday), and it seems that plenty of other people had a similar idea. So many other people, in fact, that all of the hotels and motels within two hours of Acadia were booked (according to various websites anyway). But the good old Kampground Of America was not booked, so I threw my tent and sleeping bag in the car and here I am.
The lobster dinner came from a lobster pound about 15 miles away and was delicious, even if the butter had re-solidified. The lobster was good enough that I didn’t really need it. Also, in case you were curious, lobster shells will burn in a campfire.
The blueberry pie came from an older couple’s house. I saw a sign for pie on my drive, pulled over thinking it would be a restaurant where I could get a slice. Instead, I was welcomed into the home of a really nice old man who led me into his kitchen and showed me the 6 pies that had been baked that day. I bought the blueberry one that had just come out of the oven and it was amazingly delicious.
Oh, and I am blogging because there is free wireless here. KOA’s definitely aren’t camping in the traditional sense that I usually imagine, but they have their own bizarre niche and are cheaper than any of the motels would have been. I’ll probably spring for their $4 pancake breakfast tomorrow morning.


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  1. I learned in “The World Since 1492” at MIT that he got lost because he failed to convert from metric to imperial units properly… setting a nice precedent for NASA and the Mars rover fiasco many a year later.