MIT Alumni Puzzle Challenge: We won… sort of


A couple of weeks ago, I and three other members of our hunt team (Liz D., Brandy, and Martini… wow, I just realized the alcohol connection there) took part in the MIT Alumni Puzzle Challenge where we took fourth place, just behind third (and the money prizes) by a whopping 13 minutes. However, we’ve just been informed that we won one of the $200 raffle prizes… which means I’m getting a $50 giftcard in the mail next week, along with a spanking new T-shirt. It’s like coming in third, only $12.50 short.
However, this also means that my new Engineer’s Drinking Song verse probably didn’t win the Rockband II bundle:
“An engineer was solving puzzles late into the night,
And started on a run-around that was an awesome sight.
When he found the coin he knew his year he’d have to punt,
Because he’ll be writing puzzles for the next year’s Mystery Hunt!”


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