Here Come the Grooms…


Big news out of California… with some timely personal significance for my friends Brad and Russ who have been engaged for about a year AND are moving to California this summer so Brad can start a professorship at USC. Hurray Brad and Russ! Now they need to work on having kids so that we can call them Brussell Sprouts… and yes, they’re aware that I’ve been saving that pun for awhile now. The most intriguing part of the NY Times article was the following:

“The court left open the possibility that the Legislature could use a term other than ‘marriage’ to denote state-sanctioned unions so long as that term was used across the board — for both opposite-sex and same-sex couples.”

I’ve been saying for years that the answer is to just get rid of the term marriage in the legal system and make all domestic partnerships, gay or straight, civil unions. I realize this might not play well in the bible belt, but they got over interracial marriages (well, most of them did).


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